Promotional video


App in use


Waymo is a self-driving car service that Google is developing to launch in the next year or so. The cars have been tested for over 25,000 miles and could possibly replace Uber, Lyft, and taxi services. 

Our challenge was to create an ordering app for this service, specifically aimed at seniors aged 65 and up. In collaboration with my classmate, Justin, we produced a simple color palette that would be easily understandable to someone not as familiar with technology. We wanted to keep the images clean and straightforward to complement the color palette while also being whimsical and fun to add more of a personality to the brand. Since seniors are generally distrustful of technology, we wanted the voice of the copy to be somewhat conversational and colloquial while remaining knowledgeable to earn their trust in the app. 

Justin created a promotional video to accompany the app and I applied the brand standards we had created to showcase how the app would be used to order a car.