Sarah Dean
Sarah Dean Design

Good Mail

If you’ve been anywhere Hallmark cards are sold, you may have seen this Good Mail display. Good Mail is the newest card line, targeting millennials and gen-z with their fun, whimsical designs. Last year while on the Mass Visual Merchandising team, I worked on concepting how this new card line would look in stores. We took the assets given to us from the Creative Marketing Studio and applied them to the fixtures, trying to disrupt the “sea of cards” and make it enticing. We went through numerous iterations and mockups and decided that simplicity would work best. So, among all the colors of the other displays, the stark black and white stands out, while also letting the cards speak for themselves as well. We use a bit of dimensionality in the signage to create interest and used fun pennant shapes for some of the signs. The language used for the signage was more conversational and upbeat than the traditional signs. This is a display at a Gold Crown store so it is slightly different than the rest, but same concept. It’s so exciting to see work go from screen to real life!