Sarah Dean
Sarah Dean Design

Nelson-Atkins' Big Picnic

This was a project that the KCAI junior class does every year; students form groups and present a different idea for the branding of the annual Big Picnic to the Nelson. My group (Debbie DixonNicole Stone) was chosen to have our concept produced for the Big Picnic event that took place on July 27, 2017. Our idea for the program design stemmed from the Nelson's partnership with the Kansas City Parks & Recreation—we wanted everything to be recyclable, tactile, and eco-friendly. We thought the watercolor texture would give off a more eco-friendly vibe rather than a digital texture would, and along with that thinking, hand-drew our icons as well. Another part of the branding was to create an art activity for children to do, so we decided to have them make an origami flower out of sheets of seeded paper. Each piece contained seeds that could be planted in the ground and would grow flowers, which would minimize waste. 

Overall, this was a great experience. I loved working closely with the Nelson, and getting more familiar with real world-branding. It was really awesome to see our ideas go from pencil to production!