hi there!

I'm Sarah. I hold a BFA with an emphasis in graphic design from the Kansas City Art Institute. Currently, I'm working as a Graphic Designer in Hallmark's Visual Studios department. I've also interned at Populous (May–December 2017) doing large scale graphic work for various clients such as the Kansas City Chiefs, the Chicago Cubs, Texas Tech University, Purdue University, and the University of Florida.

Although print design is my medium of choice, I can apply my skills to any project ranging from environmental graphics to posters, to publications. My work is comprised of bold colors, tactful use of materials, and unique typography.  I'm inspired by the simplicity of those things as separate entities, and in turn, they create complexity and beauty through their unification. With photojournalistic background, I bring a variety of photography and writing skills to my projects. Although not always apparent, I enjoy incorporating illustration within my work to foster a handmade, authentic feel. I'm definitely influenced by minimalistic work but also have a passion for patterns. All that being said, typography is my one true love and I will forage to the ends of the earth to find the perfect typeface, or, design my own. With so many interests, graphic design allows me to use all of my skills to create a distinctive body of work.

Outside of design, I'm an avid sports fan. My love of baseball has been passed down to me by my dad, and being from Kansas City, my favorite team is the Royals. I also love my Chiefs (especially Patrick Mahomes!), even if they can't seem to win a playoff game. I consider myself a logophile, a nerd that loves spelling and words. At the moment, my favorite word is bungalow, but that's bound to change. I'm unusually good at remembering names and birthdays—tell me once and I won't forget. My favorite movie is Titanic and my love for Leonardo DiCaprio is endless. I like long walks on the beach (even though I'm landlocked) and enjoy anything that combines mint and chocolate.